Berlin. Knowledge. City


Berlin is not only the capital, it holds Germany´s political and cultural center. Due to its history it is still reorganizing and therefore actively shaping its own future. This lively spirit can be felt all over the city.

We recommend the participation in the online Knowledge Management Certification Programme 15-19 June 2020! has initiated the Knowledge Partnership Berlin for the advancement of Berlin as a Knowledge City already in 2011. Since then numberous activities have been set, trainings have been provided and a Knowledge Space – “Wissensraum Berlin” has been implemented with partners.

The full spectrum of consulting and training services in Knowledge Management is provided in Berlin.

Berlin. Knowledge. Week

Berlin.Knowledge.Week was addressing companies, organisations, public administration and individuals, who want to get fit for the knowledge economy and who want to co-create better knowledge societies in Berlin, in Europe and in the world.
>>> download the programme of Berlin.Knowledge.Week

Knowledge for Development Partnership,, Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement and other partners joined forces to offer a well balanced mix of best practices, open dialogue, exchange of experience, co-creative sessions, socialization and professional training.


Meeting of the Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP)

The K4DP Meeting was an open and cost-free event. The initiatives of K4DP and and their purpose for Germany and the world have been presented and further developed. Many thanks to World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) for hosting the first meeting of K4DP in Germany.



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