2020 - a special year for knowledge partnerships

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About us

Knowledge is at the heart of economic and social development.

Knowledge.city is committed to the advancement of knowledge economies and knowledge societies all over the world. It provides a wide range of services and activities to companies, organisations and public administration, as well as to individuals and cities as a whole.
Knowledge is not given to one single institution. Only through collaboration we can create value from the various opportunities of knowledge societies. Therefore knowledge.city facilitates and promotes the collaboration in knowledge partnerships that include various stakeholders that shape cities as knowledge cities, including industry, municipality, academia, NGOs, artists and more. Cities have always been in history a natural hub for the exchange and advancement of knowledge. Therefore they are the focal point for our knowledge for development activities, considering the highly relevant linkages with rural areas.

No city knows everything. Knowledge.city connects the participating cities, their companies and knowledge service providers in a growing, global knowledge city network. Through this network all partners can better access the knowledge of other cities and can provide their own knowledge to an extended global market.

On a global level, all nations are committed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals on the basis of the Human Rights. Knowledge.city has significantly contributed to the creation of the global Knowledge for Development Agenda and is committed to it including the Knowledge Development Goals (KDGs). As a founder and member of the Knowledge for Development Partnership we are leading the global agenda for knowledge being a resource for wealth, peace and sustainability in the world.

Vision knowledge.city 2020

  • 20 knowledge cities are cooperating in 20 thematic fields
  • Knowledge service providers (private and public) will cover key competences in 20 key thematic areas in cross-cutting competence centers on www.knowledge.city
  • Knowledge for Development Strategies are developed by local knowledge partnerships, linked with the other knowledge cities
  • Each city develops a portfolio of key actions and cooperates with other cities for the implementation
  • Diplomats, Expats and Migrants to play an essential role in supporting the private sector to foster knowledge transfer and business development

Knowledge for Development Partnership & Knowledge Management for Development

The Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) has been inaugurated in April 2017 at the Palais des Nations, the UN Office in Geneva. In the presence of more than 200 world-leading figures in Knowledge Management and Knowledge-based Development, K4DP was established legally as an international nonprofit-organisation. It has its seat in Vienna, Austria. Already at the first day more than 160 partners have signed the partnership declaration and more than 60 organisations and individuals from all over the world have become members, numbers are growing. The work of the K4DP is based on the Agenda Knowledge for Development, which was created on the basis of more than 70 statements from leading figures in Knowledge-based Development. This Agenda includes 13 Knowledge Development Goals (KDGs), to which also knowledge.city is committed.

The localisation of the Agenda and the KDGs is up to local initiative. knowledge.city is a major partner for the K4DP in setting up urban knowledge partnerships and developing local programmes and activities.

The Knowledge for Development Partnership has its roots also in the Knowledge Management for Development Community, which has already been founded in 2001 and connecting more than 4.000 Knowledge Management professionals in the field of development cooperation. K4DP has a communication channel on www.km4dev.org.


Knowledge.city is active in a growing number of cities. Starting in Vienna, Sofia, Dubai, Kampala, Geneva, Tehran and Nairobi knowledge.city will expand its network in the next years to all continents.

It is committed to the Agenda Knowledge for Development and is established as a ltd. for professional reasons. Founder and Managing Director of knowledge.city is Dr. Andreas Brandner. The headquarter of knowledge.city is located in Vienna, Austria (Most Admired Knowledge City 2015), next to the United Nations Office Vienna.

The establishment of knowledge.city activities is based on local initiative and most welcome. Knowledge.city collaborates with partners in different countries and regions, building on local multi-stakeholder knowledge partnerships.
Collaboration with service providers is based on service agreements. We work only with companies, who are committed to the SDGs, to the Knowledge Development Goals and to collaboration in the Knowledge for Development Partnership (www.k4dp.org).

The Olive Twig

The Olive Twig is a global symbol for peace. We believe that knowledge sharing, global collaboration, intercultural learning, and joint innovation contribute significantly to a better world, peace, wealth and sustainable development. The leaves of the twig represent the variety of knowledges in the world; knowledge has been captured on leaves – paper, papyrus, etc. – in all societies and cultures. But knowledge without values is very dangerous. Only when connected along joint values – represented by the stem – the different knowledges create a peaceful world.

In our logo, the Olive Twig is embedded in what reminds a cloud or a brain or a space. The idea is that knowledge.city provide the space, infrastructures, connections, culture, and competences for peaceful knowledge-based societies.