26 June-3 July 2019

Kampala.Knowledge.Week is addressing companies, organisations, public administration and individuals, who want to get fit for the knowledge economy and who want to co-create better knowledge societies in Kampala, in Africa and in the world.

Knowledge for Development Partnership, knowledge.city, Makerere University, Uganda Health Communications Network, and other partners joined forces to offer a well balanced mix of best practices, open dialogue, exchange of experience, co-creative sessions, art and culture, socialization, knowledge market, professional training and advocacy for responsible knowledge societies.

The Knowledge for Development Partnership Meeting is an open and cost-free event working towards a Knowledge Agenda for Uganda. The first draft of a Knowledge Agenda will be presented, guiding to key actions to advance knowledge in Uganda.

The KM Essentials Course provides a professional training environment for those who aim at implementing Knowledge Management professionally in their organisation. Participants learn from and with experienced top-experts and practitioners.


Key elements:

  • Health Communication Network Forum
    26-28 June 2019
  • KM Essentials training
    1-2 July 2019
  • Knowledge for Development Partnershio Meeting
    3 July 2019