Kampala. Knowledge. City

Kampala. Knowledge. Week

26 June-3 July 2019

Kampala.Knowledge.Week is addressing companies, organisations, public administration and individuals, who want to get fit for the knowledge economy and who want to co-create better knowledge societies in Kampala, in Africa and in the world.

Knowledge for Development Partnership, knowledge.city, Makerere University, Uganda Health Communications Network, and other partners joined forces to offer a well balanced mix of best practices, open dialogue, exchange of experience, co-creative sessions, art and culture, socialization, knowledge market, professional training and advocacy for responsible knowledge societies.

The Knowledge for Development Partnership Meeting is an open and cost-free event working towards a Knowledge Agenda for Uganda. The first draft of a Knowledge Agenda will be presented, guiding to key actions to advance knowledge in Uganda.

The KM Essentials Course provides a professional training environment for those who aim at implementing Knowledge Management professionally in their organisation. Participants learn from and with experienced top-experts and practitioners.


Key elements:

  • Health Communication Network Forum
    26-28 June 2019
  • KM Essentials training
    1-2 July 2019
  • Knowledge for Development Partnershio Meeting
    3 July 2019

Ugandan Knowledge Partnership and Knowledge Agenda

Kampala is stable and among the economic and political hubs of Africa. As the host city to the United Nations Office and many International Organisations, Nairobi is a very multi-cultural and open-minded city. Fast and innovative, Nairobi pushes to move beyond the comfort zone and to compete on a global level. With excellent universities, a strong business community, an innovative government and numerous NGOs, the city offers a good ecosystem for knowledge and innovation. The Ugandan knowledge partnership will be established during Kampala.Knowledge.Week on 3 July, steps toward the first Ugandan Knowledge Agenda will be presented. Join the outstanding event and be part of the community!

For becoming the leading knowledge service provider in the East African region the best knowledge management tools and practical strategies that link knowledge and development for any organization/society will be provided. Therefore many activities followed the Knowledge Week.

We focus on:

  • Activly shaping the Agenda 2040 and therefore the Agenda Knowledge will be developed for Uganda
  • A Knowledge Partnership which is formed so that one can benefit from networks and best practices
  • Consultancy for companies, NGOs, International Organisations and public bodies
  • Constantly facilitating Knowledge transfer to Uganda
  • Education and training in the field of Knowledge Management
  • and many more…


Knowledge Management trainings

Trainings on KM are available and planned for open sessions and in house trainings on various aspects in knowledge management.

This will include the following topics (as example):

  • knowledge management and performance,
  • knowledge as a key driver to a conducive work place,
  • relational capital,
  • knowledge and the economic environment


Knowledge consultancy services

Knowledge Management can not be understood as “one fits all solution”. Therefore tailored knowledge strategies will be developed and knowledge management will be implemented in organizations.


The network of Knowledge Cities Uganda facilitates dialogue and mutual learning in local knowledge partners. The first membership meeting was part of the Knowledge Week.

Research & Innovation

Improving ongoing routines and finding better solutions to be more effective in our knowledge work is at the heart of research and innovation projects. Therefore various topics related to knowledge based development and knowledge management are worked on.

Business Development

In terms of business development the transfer of technology and knowledge services to address urgent knowledge needs is facilitated. Knowledge City Uganda acts as an incubator and business development agent for the establishment of new companies and institutions.

Kampala. Knowledge. Week 2018

Kampala. Knowledge. Week 2018

The 1st African Knowledge for Development Partnership Meeting took place in August 2019 and was a great success. The main topic of “Knowledge Management in the public sector” was lively discussed.

Kampala. Knowledge. City

Kampala is the rising and growing capital of Uganda becoming a lead city in Eastern Africa in various thematic fields. Kampala. Knowledge. City is our hub for the Eastern African Knowledge Agenda and together with Lagos. Knowledge. City and Nairobi. Knowledge. City it will pioneer for advanced knowledge societies in Africa as a whole.

Kampala. Knowledge. City Partnership was initiated already in 2016 under the leadership of Mary Suzan Abbo, who has become Managing Director of the global Knowledge for Development Partnership 2017 and who is Director of Knowledge City Ltd in Kampala since July 2017.

Kampala has been ranked the best city to live in East Africa by Mercer, with a pleasant climate, a wonderful fauna and flora, good security standards, well educated people and fast growing business sectors. It opens international companies direct access to the east African community (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda) with a population of about 170 million people.


Managing Director: Mary Suzan Abbo, MSc
Management Associate: Mary Kevine Akoth, MSc

Knowledge Hub Uganda Ltd.
AHA Tower, 7 Lourdel Road, 4th floor
Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda

T: +256 (0) 781984334
E: kampala@knowledge.city