Roundtable at the 20th of August 2019

A group of Nigerians have established Knowledge for Development Initiative, an association under the Nigerian law equivalent to the global knowledge for Development Partnership committed to inclusive knowledge based growth,the Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Agenda Knowledge for Development, the Knowledge Development Goals and the implementations. The Initiative provides a platform that assures the local and international community that Nigeria and friends of Nigeria are committed to inclusive growth and sustainable development. The Initiative has a membership of high local and international recognition and accomplished individuals an

d organizations in various sectors of human endeavors. Members appreciate that knowledge is at the heart of development and is an essential resource for all parts of governments, business, individuals, NGOs and development institutions. It believes that collaboration and partnership are veritable tools for meeting the challenges of the future – sustainable development, youth, gender, digital world, climate change, circular economy, low carbon world, future of work, technology, knowledge cities and entrepreneurship. The Initiative is building a strong national knowledge partnership that will contribute to the understanding and dissemination of the Nigeria knowledge development and its implementation. The Mission of the Initiative is future-oriented, inter and trans-disciplinary, reflective, multi-disciplinary and global. It works in collaboration with Knowledge for Development Partnership and follows a multi-stakeholders approach.

Download the summary report of the 1st Nigerian K4DI Roundtable.

The aims and objectives of the initiative are:

  1. To develop and promote global peace, wealth and sustainability by advising knowledge in societies.
  2. To foster partnership with individuals, organizations and networks globally to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development of knowledge.
  3. To develop, promote and encourage global community to share knowledge and experience in advancing knowledge societies, the development of knowledge, education, research, technology and information toward advancement.
  4. To organize, raise awareness and build capacity through conferences and seminars to meet the challenges and opportunities of knowledge societies. One area we strongly believe is making the best of the knowledge of diaspora and friends of Nigeria. We see the need for mutual appreciation and respect. This initiative is a good vehicle for those in Diaspora to help Nigeria build relationships, active participation and dialogue which will go a long way to understanding our general needs and potentials. It will be a platform to integrate and involve everyone in relevant developmental activities and projects. Our primary priority is to have a strong national knowledge partnership in Nigeria that will contribute a lot to the understanding and dissemination of the global Agenda K4D the development agenda and finally its implementation.


The initiative board of trustees are:

  • Prince LekanFadina,
    is an economist, scholar, management consultant, environmentalist, educationist and development expert. He has been involved for about two decades in the United Nations system as negotiator in trade, environment, climate change and sustainable development. He has served in various capacities in governments, private sector and international organizations. He is an alumnus of Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, USA and Past President Harvard University Graduate of Business School Alumni Association of Nigeria. He is a former Director of the Nigeria Stock Exchange, Consultant to the Nigeria government on Commodity market, Stock Exchange among other things. He is very passionate on knowledge and well devoted to knowledge services as driver for achieving growth and sustainable development.
  • Amb. Professor Ibrahim Gambari,
    former Nigeria Minister of Foreign Affairs, one time Nigeria Permanent Representative in the United Nations, Under Secretary General United Nations and currently a Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, Chancellor, Bayero University, Kano and Chief Executive Savannah Centre, Nigeria. He is a member of the National Peace Committee – a group of eminent citizens including one time Nigeria President Gen. AbdulsalamAbubakar, Aliko Dangote and other prominent leaders.
  • Amb. Bukun Onemolawho
    served as an Ambassador in Europe including Austria and just retired as Nigeria’s Deputy Permanent Representative (Head of the Technical Group) United Nations in New York. He is presently a Director in one of the major companies in Nigeria.
  • Mr. Gabriel Idahosa
    is a Vice President, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Trade Promotion, Trade Fairs and Projects. He is a well-respected Chartered Accountant with vast knowledge of various activities both locally and internationally. I look forward to our working together and your active participation in making Nigeria the Knowledge Centre of Africa, a reliable and reputable global knowledge player.