Nairobi. Knowledge. City

Knowledge Management Excellence Programme

Project Start: January 2020      Duration: 10 Months

Join us for  “KM Excellence Programme” starting in January 2020. The program will be offered to a group of 20 companies / organizations who are outperformers in KM with the idea of having 20 KM4D-Award-Winners. You might be the first one to achieve the silver or gold award!

For more details download the project brief 


For Registration and Contact

Contact person: Wambui Wanjiku, Managing Director

E: naiobi@knowledgecity

Cell: +254 715 096677



Kenyan Knowledge Partnership and Knowledge Agenda

Nairobi is among the economic and political hubs of Africa. As the host city to the United Nations Office and many International Organisations, Nairobi is a very multi-cultural and progressive city. As a fast and innovative city, Nairobi pushes to move beyond the comfort zone and to compete on a global level. With excellent universities, a strong business community, an innovative government and numerous NGOs, the city offers a good ecosystem for knowledge and innovation. The Kenyan knowledge partnership will be established during Nairobi.Knowledge.Week on 25 September, steps toward the first Kenyan Knowledge Agenda will be presented. Join the exceptional event and be part of the community!

Knowledge for Business Development

The network of knowledge.cities provides opportunities to leverage on the knowledge, technologies and experiences of other cities. develops and facilitates knowledge partnerships, specifically between African countries and European countries, to boost businesses and build competence centres for sustainable business development in Africa. Visit in Nairobi, connect with Africa´s front-runners, and be part of the African success story.

Nairobi. Knowledge. City

Knowledge City Ltd. in Nairobi is established in 2018 to be the leading provider of consulting, training, research and advisory services in the fields of knowledge management, knowledge economy and knowledge-based development in Kenya. Its core competence is to establish knowledge management programmes to achieve organisational, sectoral and national strategies through knowledge, competence and capacity.

It is initiated by a group of Kenyan experts with long-standing experience as consultants/entrepreneurs in Kenya as a partner within the global Knowledge City Network.

Nairobi Knowledge City is committed to support the governments of Kenya in achieving its Vision 2030 and linking it with a knowledge agenda. Likewise, it develops sectoral knowledge strategies and provides support with the implementation. Finally it supports companies to develop the knowledge needed to make best use of opportunities on the market. Supporting the business and public sector organisations to develop Knowledge needed to boost the economy and society of Kenya is an evident and prioritized target of Nairobi Knowledge City.

Nairobi Knowledge City is committed not only to provide access to the best knowledge around the world, but to care for the localization of knowledge and the capacity development in Kenya.

Through its education and training programme Knowledge City qualifies customers in developing and leading knowledge management programmes themselves. Through the global network of leading experts, best practices and experiences from the pioneers are availed to our customers.

Nairobi Knowledge City is a Kenyan partner of the Knowledge for Development Partnership to promote the Agenda Knowlede for Development in Kenya, to build and facilitate a Kenyan Knowledge Partnership, and to profile Nairobi as a Knowledge City. Through nairobi.knowledge.weeks is will convene K4DP-meetings, provide trainings, host events and work with artists to contribute to the knowlege identity of Kenya.


Knowledge City Ltd.
Address: Maisonette 2, Theta Lane Off Lenana Road,
P.O. Box 74221, 00200 Nairobi

Managing Director: Pauline Wanjiku
Telephone: +254 715 096 677