Sparring Knowledge Management


Professional knowledge managers match their concepts and strategies regularly with peers outside of the organisation. This helps to identify blind spots, change perspective, find creative solutions and strengthens confidence.



Knowledge Management

Your organization is aware of the relevance of knowledge management, and as a manager – or knowledge manager – you have a plan how to implement KM in your organisation. As a professional you appreciate the opinion of peers, to avoid blind spots, get inspiration and new perspectives. Maybe you would like somebody trusted to review your concept?

KMA Knowledge Management Associates provides a network of highly professional experts in KM in various countries speaking numerous languages. Contact us to find the right sparring partner for your organisation to boost your success.

Timing is agreed individually.

Sparring will be provided online, based on mutual agreement. Face-to-face meeting can be arranged if feasible.

Prices can differ, ranging from 50 Euros per hour (Africa, India/Nepal) to 150 (Europe, North America, Middle East)


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